Royal Blue Apparel
Spring/Summer ’14

For their Spring/Summer 2014 season James Jackson worked closely with members of the creative team at Royal Blue Apparel to continue to develop their brand image and lifestyle photography. These photographs were produced in NYC, NY as both location lifestlye and studio product shots to be used across multiple business lines including wholesale, catalog, and direct to consumer web.

Photography by James Jackson

Royal Blue Apparel
Fall/Winter ’13

Royal Blue Apparel chose James Jackson to develop their brand image and execute lifestyle photography for the launch of their direct to consumer web site. Working closely with members of Royal Blue’s creative staff James produced and photographed a location lifestyle and studio product photography shoot in Brooklyn, NY

Photography by: James Jackson

Head Candy
Spring Styling Look Book Spring ’13

Spring looks shoot for Head Candy Salon in Chery Hill, NJ

Hair Sytling:
  Nicole Jackson
  Rachel Kolifrath
  Tara Lyons
  Alexis Dealer-Jimenez
Photography by James Jackson

High Contrast
Makeup concept Summer/Fall ’10

Bouldering Little Si
Summer/Fall ’10

Location lifestyle and outdoor activity shoot at Little Si mountain near Seattle, Wa.

Photography by James Jackson

Newsprint Concept
Summer/Fall ’10

Conceptual fashion editorial shoot

Makeup & Hair: Casey Gouveia
Photography by James Jackson

Lazy Sunday
Lingerie looks Spring ’10

Lifestyle fashion shoot

Photography by James Jackson
Clothing: Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie

Prep Fashion
Spring/Summer ’08

Lifestyle fashion shoot for startup clothing line

Stylist/Designer: Delton Harriston
Photography by James Jackson

Seattle Raft & Kayak
Summer ’07

Location lifestyle and outdoor activity shoot Photography by James Jackson